The New York Daily News–Our Hometown Newspaper

After hearing that the New York Daily News had to cut back half its staff daily news cuts staff eagle (the wrap) and at the urging of Rachel Maddow to support your hometown paper, I decided I wanted to and I’ve been very pleasantly surprised.

This really is a New York City newspaper with great photos from early days (Times Square on New Year’s Eve in the 40s)new york times square(the bowery boys )and terrific stories about New Yorkers  such as

“ASPCA to reward special animals including the dog who helped locate Subway sandwich pitchman Jared Fogle’s porn stash” ba

Their editorials are just fine with me (I never had the feeling I wanted to subscribe to the New York Post, but of course, it is New York City’s other tabloid), and then, there are the covers:how the trump stole christmans

and who could forget this:

Image result for new york daily news photos of old new york

And I like their columnists. also very New York centered, with stories like: “Red Sox writer refuses to vote Mariano Rivera into Hall of Fame” b

The New York Daily News has provided coverage of the city since 1919, complete with photographs. If you would like to try out a subscription, you can get three months for free, then $8/month for the digital version after that.

I think you’ll like it and you get to keep a New York icon going and a free press alive.




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