What? We’re Going to War with the Persian Empire? (and other things to be anxious about)

I have written before about Trump Anxiety Disorder (TAD) before and I am not the only one. But lately, this is getting ridiculous.

Just because W made a little mistake of one letter (Iraq instead of Iran) doesn’t mean we should tackle them. They are big; they are powerful; they will hit hard. If we must, we must but those little missiles that John Bolton thinks are WMDs look an awful lot like the stuff we were asked to believe about Iraq. mapPersia (maparchive)

And how about that new law in Alabama? It seems like you can still have an abortion up until the point where you know you are pregnant. Huh? Now, no woman goes out saying oh, goody, I think I’m going to go get pregnant and have an abortion today. If she comes to that decision it’s a long hard road and never without pain. During the Obama Administration, the number of abortions dropped drastically and why? because the nation supported Planned Parenthood and surprise, surprise, women preferred to use contraception instead of going without and having an abortion.trump-and-planned-parenthood(CaliforniaFamilyCouncil)

Then there’s China and tariffs. Why am I anxious about China? it isn’t just because I’m afraid the price of soy sauce will go up. I worry about the soybean farmers and the rest of the nation whose 401k’s are doing somersaults. He will probably change his mind and then say he got us a much better deal because this is what he does, but in the meantime…..?play with fire(globaltimes)

Then, there’s Israel and the Jews. (spoiler alert–I am Jewish). I worry a lot about Israel and the idiot who is driving it. Why why why does Bibi have to constantly make it hard for American Jews to have to deal with expanded settlements, his support of Trump and other disagreeable things? Doesn’t he know that Liberals (a group I am proud to call my own) loathe Trump? People, let’s not forgethillary and star of david(politico) the face of Hillary Clinton on the pile of cash with the Star of David that he used in his campaign. Rabbi Jill Jacobs writes in the Washington Post “At the same time as Trump boasts of his support for Israel and the Jewish community, he dog-whistles to anti-Semitic white nationalists, for example with his final 2016 campaign commercial identifying three wealthy Jews (George Soros, Janet L. Yellen and Lloyd Blankfein) as responsible for the decline of the American working class.” And do you recall his speech to AIPAC full of Anti-Semitic slurs?

Then of course there was Charlottesville. Why didn’t every Jew is his cabinet resign after what he said? For that matter, why didn’t every member of his cabinet resign? They will answer for that one day. Members of my tribe, you need to understand that Trump is not “good for the Jews” as the saying goes, or really good for anyone.

Of course there are also his bromances with Putin and Kim Jong Un. trump Xi and Kim(slate)

And please,everyone, let’s don’t get in a snit about the two inexperienced Congresswomen who have been shooting their mouths off and condemn the entire Democratic Party because of them. We are a big tent and we let in a broad range of players, as we should. They will learn or they will be voted out.

Climate change–we are the last generation that can do anything about it and even now, it may be too late.climate change polar bear(businessinsider) Need I go on?

There are so many things we could be aggravated about and believe me, I am. If you are, too, remember that the best remedy is the election. There are some who don’t believe in voting–they want a candidate or a party that is completely pure. Well, folks, I do, too, but I don’t know where we’re going to find him/her.

I would gladly vote for a decent Republican as opposed to Trump–even Romney, for example, although he can never be forgiven for putting his dog on top of his car,  Romney-dog-roof(celebritydogwacther) or Weld, who is a terrific guy but doesn’t stand a chance. I’d like to see the Republican Party reinvent itself but we know it can’t while Trump is in charge.

So if you are suffering from TAD, get cracking and get to your nearest party headquarters and begin to ensure that Trump is not re-elected. Can anything be more important than this? Yes, your vote.













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